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The making of Fly Fly


Fly Fly by Essey

Australia, South Africa, Finland, no matter where you are in the world, there is always a season for flies. Fly Fly is handmade craftsmanship from Finland. The family owned workshop has been producing quality leather items for generations. Designed by Tarmo Likki.


The Fly Fly is designed by Tarmo Likki, a finnish autodidact designer. Since 1979 Tarmo Likki has designined and manufactured leather products such like shoulder bags, rug sacks and foot wear. In 1989 he designed and started the production of the Fly Fly -flyswatter.

In 2005 Tarmo Likki sold his company. Because of its design and function Fly Fly fits perfectly into the Essey product range. Designed by Tarmo Likki in 1989. Fly Fly is carefully crafted by hand by Tarmoset in Tampere Finland to ensure there is no compromise between form and function.

Fly Fly by EsseyFly Fly by Essey

Fly Fly by EsseyFly Fly by Essey

With a shaft made from sustainably harvested Finnish birch and a ‘swat’ made of high quality leather Fly Fly is a fly swat that will surely stand the test of time to be handed down from generation to generation.

Fly Fly by EsseyFly Fly by Essey

Fly Fly by EsseyFly Fly by Essey

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