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Cactus toothpick holder released


Innovative Danish design company Essey A/S announce the latest addition to their eclectic and ever growing product assortment, cactus, an elegant container with a secret.

Press the top and cactus effortlessly slides open to reveal, not thorns, but hygienic dental toothpicks. Press the top back down and once again you are left with the clean lines of this stylish ‘table cactus’.

Cactus is a perfect example of Symbolic Functionalism, the design philosophy at the very core of Essey. Sure to stimulate conversation around any dinner table, Cactus is a little helper, always ready to serve you and your guests.

For information on where to buy, please contact the distributor for your country listed on the essey website;


Essey ApS
Industribakken 10
DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone: +45 4112 9202

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